Mykonos, Greece!


I have wanted to go to Greece since I was a little kid. I was captivated by the white washed buildings and the blue trim. And the sea! Oh the blue, blue sea. As a visual person, I just could not get enough of those photos. However, I have a confession to make - I never really saw myself going to Mykonos. It always just sounded like a European version of Seaside Heights. (I grew up going down to Long Beach Island and have very strong opinions of my Jersey Shore towns. More on that in another post.) Well, I was 100% proven wrong when I got to Mykonos.

The town blew me away. It's just so hip. The design and art scene are thriving and the food and bars are second to none. Do yourself a favor and get off the beach and go into town. It's worth it. Walk the streets. Did you know they were designed to be narrow with high walls so pirates couldn't find their way out? It remains true today. You will get lost, but you will love it.

Little Venice, Mykonos. Greece. Cyclades.

Little Venice, Mykonos. Greece. Cyclades.


Here's a little roundup of some must eat/drink/sees in town:

This was the BEST souvlaki I had my entire trip to Greece. (Trust me, I had A LOT. Like maybe once a day a lot.) Get the souvlaki, get a Fix, grab one of the few tables outside and watch the world go by. 

Greeks know their yogurt and that knowledge is not lost on frozen yogurt. Kayak is no joke. Plus, the cones are black and make for a great shot against all the bougainvillea trees.

Promise me you will go here for dinner and sit at the bar and talk to the owner. That's all I will say.

NOT to be missed, this bar in Little Venice is right on the water and the perfect spot to watch the sunset. You can see the windmills from here, get a spray off the ocean and drink cocktails with every fruit possible in it. And, did I mention you can watch the sunset??? This place is an institution. Get there at least half an hour before the sun is supposed to set if you want to get a seat outside.

Rarity has a great assortment of contemporary artists housed in a gorgeous white building trimmed in blue. Wander in and enjoy what's on show.

Windmills in the Chora.

Windmills in the Chora.